About Us

Davenport Financial offers a variety of services related to Tax Lien Investment and Collateral Management.  With a strong emphasis on excellent diligence and customer service we work to unlock revenue while focusing on building strong relationships.  Our dedicated team has extensive knowledge of the tax lien industry and has a proven track record of success.

We strive to meet the needs of our clients along with municipalities to ensure the acceleration of delinquent tax dollars.   As a growing firm we have always placed a high priority on a detailed approach to due diligence.  We have a developed platform to assist our clients to meet the obligations associated with all phases of Tax Lien Investment.  This platform ensures that each aspect of the tax sale investment cycle is monitored so that we can protect our client's investment while working to strengthen their return.  We utilize state of the art technology to enable careful evaluation of opportunities.  We are constantly developing new tools that allow us to better evaluate portfolios and collect information utilized in the different phases of the tax lien investment cycle.  It is our goal to comprehend the underlying cause for the delinquency and asset value before purchasing an investment for our clients.    

Once we have acquired tax liens for our clients we place extensive emphasis on customer service both with taxpayers and municipalities.  We are experienced in both judicial and non-judicial jurisdictions with the ability to work directly with the taxpayers in a variety of ways to resolve their delinquencies.

We currently service the portfolios of a number clients, largest of which is Woods Cove, LLC.