Delinquent Tax Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I determine if a municipality sold my unpaid real estate taxes?

A: Contact the municipality and ask them if a tax lien has been sold on your parcel.  Generally county tax offices are the best avenue to identify the status of your delinquent taxes.  If directed to contact a third party purchaser it is best to have your account number/ parcel number available. 


Q: Why were my unpaid taxes sold?

A: Local municipalities count on property tax revenue for a large array of services and funding projects.  The funds collected in property tax collection are relied on as a stable and constant base of funds.  Liens are sold/assigned to third parties to ensure that municipality can maintain a consistent base of tax revenue without interruption.


Q: I paid off the delinquent tax lien but your client/county is not showing  record of the payment, what should I do?

A: There is generally a 2-4 week processing time required once you have made a payment to a resolve a delinquent tax lien.  This is due to the processing time of the municipality.  Once we have received notice and refund from the municipality we will release our interest in the parcel.  We are more than willing to review the status of a specific property and will work to assist you if possible. Click here to contact us to discuss.


Q: Can I set up a payment plan or pay what I owe through an installment contract directly with your client or the county?

A: While it depends on the rules specific to your jurisdiction we frequently work with individuals to resolve their payments over time.  To determine whether this option is available to you, please click here and fill out a request for someone from our office to discuss your delinquency


Q: How do I purchase property your client acquired?  If I lost my property can I get it back?

A:  We are constantly working to dispose of real estate acquired through tax liens in a number of municipalities.  Please click here to send us a request for our current available real estate.  We frequently work with individuals who previously lost the property to reacquire their interest.


Davenport Financial is not a law firm or accounting firm, and does not offer legal or tax advice. Property owners should consult with their own qualified legal and tax advisers before making any decisions.