Tax Lien Asset Management- We believe that extensive diligence is the cornerstone to a strong portfolio.  We place significant focus on understanding the assets and risks prior to acquiring a Tax Lien Portfolio.  We have experience in 13 states and are constantly developing our team and knowledge base to expand the boundaries of our services.  Our diligence strategies enable our clients to confidently invest.

We assist our clients through the entire tax lien process and provide a comprehensive approach to servicing.  Our goal is to be the sole provider to our client throughout the entire Tax Lien Cycle.

Pre Sale Diligence

  • Electronic Data Collection and Evaluation
  • Site Visits and Property Evaluation
  • Historical Collection and Payment Evaluation
  • Pricing and Modeling
  • Statutory Review and Compliance



  • Buyer Representation
  • Bulk Portfolio Negotiation
  • Assignment Negotiation


Lien Management

  • Customer Service
  • Accounting and Redemption Reporting
  • Noticing (statutory and collection)
  • Subsequent Tax Purchase Evaluation and Reporting
  • Monthly Portfolio Reporting
  • Payment Plan Administration

REO/Property Disposition

  • Property Management
  • Evaluation and BPO Services
  • Listing and Selling Assistance
  • Settlement Services


Litigation Management

  • Litigation Evaluation and Reporting
  • Client Representative
  • Litigation Tracking


Custodial Services

Frequently our clients utilize leverage to complete transactions. 
Lenders regularly require third parties to act as custodial agents
to verify and track the transaction.  For more information on
our Custodial Service please click here